Peasant's Pantry: A Traditional Deli 

Menu and charcuterie all made in-house

Emphasis on local ingredients: our full menu is available for eat-in or take-out and features our own smoked meats, homemade breads, sauces, soups, sides and desserts, plus vegetarian and gluten-free options. Our specialty meats, like sausages, bacon, ham, pâté, and air-dried salami, are made with local meat, traditional methods and without fillers.

Visit us to try one of our two-hand, two-napkin sandwiches, old fashioned burgers, and famous hand-cut fries. Have our butcher cut you something to take home for the grill, or pick up the perfect items for a charcuterie board to enjoy with friends.

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Open Year-Round

Winter Hours

Jan 1 - 22 Closed

Jan 23 - Regular winter hours return:

Thursday 11-6

Friday 11-8

Saturday 10-7

Sunday 10-7

Monday - Wednesday closed

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We're Licensed!

Enjoy a local beer, cider or wine with your meal!

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Deli Gallery Menu

Friday is Pizza Night!

Made from scratch to order, for eat-in, take-out, or take home to bake. 

Fridays only!


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Weekly Specials

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Our Specialty Meats & Butcher Cuts

Emphasis on using local, pasture-raised meat and practicing nose-to-tail butchery.

There are no fillers used in our specialty meats, giving them a better taste and texture. As a result, most are also gluten-free. Click on Food Sensitivities under the PRODUCTS tab above for more details.

Our Product List

Where to Find Us

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Our Location

The Menu: Sandwiches, Burgers, Sides & Desserts

Our menu is made entirely from scratch and features our specialty meats in classic deli fare, comfort foods and internationally inspired dishes. Emphasis is on high quality and local ingredients.

Our Menu