Peasant's Pantry is located in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia and offers a variety of specialty meats, including fresh and smoked sausages, smoked bacon, cured hams, pâtés and more. All products are made from scratch in our provincially inspected meat processing shop.

Locations: Farmers' Markets, Restaurants & Delivery

All Peasant's Pantry products are available in the Annapolis Valley and HRM. Look for us at the farmers' markets in Wolfville (year-round) and Tantallon (June-October), on menus in the Valley and Halifax, and order delivery (year-round) through us or through Wild Mountain Farm's Grass-Fed Meat-Up. Click on Find Us to full details of days, times, maps and links!


We support local farmers by using 100% Maritime meat. We use free-range/pasture-raised pork, lamb, veal, beef, duck and chicken, unless unavailable locally. 

We also use local produce as much as possible, depending on season and availability.

100% Gluten-Free:

There is no flour or other grain used as filler in ANY Peasant's Pantry product. This gives our products a firmer, meatier texture and taste. If you have other food sensitivities, please check the Ingredients link above to see an alphabetical list of ingredients of common concern and the products that contain them. Full ingredient lists are also printed on individual product labels and available by email.

Custom Orders Also Available:

Let us know if there's something in particular you're looking for!