A Brief Bio...

Joseph has been building his career in the Nova Scotia food industry for 20 years, beginning with culinary training at NSCC Kingstec and Holland College. After working on the line at the original Acton’s in Wolfville, he went on to help run the kitchen of Halifax restaurant Fid, focusing on classic French cuisine with Asian influence, The Halifax Club, and Domaine de Grand Pré’s fine dining restaurant Le Caveau.


In fall 2011, he started his own business based on his interests in high quality local ingredients and classical recipes and techniques. As chef and owner of Peasant’s Pantry, he uses local meat to produce over thirty types of charcuterie and other specialty meats, including classic French pâtés, fresh and smoked sausages, bacon, and ham. Many recipes are traditional European specialties, while others demonstrate classic Asian flavors or highlight local ingredients and tastes. The wide selection of products is the result of Joseph's relentless interest and research in ingredients, methods and the culture of good food. Peasant's Pantry began as a small processing facility with Joseph making all products himself, selling them at the Wolfville (and later, Tantallon) farmers' markets and by delivery to restaurants in the Valley and HRM. 


In spring of 2014, it became clear that more space and staff were needed to keep up with the growing business. Joseph purchased and renovated the former location of The Highwayman restaurant, which had been vacant on Highway 12 in New Ross for several years. The vision for the relocation and expansion was a traditional deli: continuing to produce the specialty meats, but also to offer butcher cuts and a menu for eat-in/take-out all under one roof.


The deli opened in time for Canada Day weekend 2014 and it was an exciting year as the vision became a reality. The menu offers casual, high quality food. Like the specialty meats, the menu features variety and is made in-house from scratch with emphasis on local ingredients. 

At home in the welcoming and supportive community of New Ross, Peasant's Pantry has already been recognized with awards, nominations, feature articles and glowing reviews from critics and customers. Joseph, his family and his growing team at the deli look forward to many more successful years of business built on quality, consistency and taste.